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Important Things for Digital Summit Speakers to Know

Thanks for being an important part of the Digital Summit series! Our speakers and session content is the heart of the Digital Summit experience. It’s a big reason why the series continues to draw a growing and loyal following, and it’s wonderful to have your expertise in the mix.

Here’s a few notes to help get you oriented and preparing your session, as well as resources to help you craft a highly rated presentation.

What we need right away to promote your participation in the event

Your current head shot
(minimum 600 x 600px and 1-3MB) and a 50-word bio

Your talk title and description
for our audience of senior-level marketers:

  • A benefit oriented title that describes your talk–some attendees decide which sessions to attend based on the title alone. The best titles don’t try to be too cute.
  • 50-word intro paragraph
  • Three, 10-15 word bulleted examples of what someone will be able to do after attending your session. Avoid listing basic things and emphasize advanced-level takeaways.
Sample description
Measuring the New Customer Decision Journey

The customer decision journey is no longer linear, the method for measuring it shouldn’t be either. This session will challenge marketers to understand customer acquisition differently, how to construct a marketing measurement funnel, and how to demonstrate holistic results that drive performance.

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Develop a coherent and actionable customer decision journey
  • Better understand the complexities of today’s fragmented marketing data ecosystem, and what to do about it
  • Take a data-centric approach that accurately measures the true value of each marketing channel
  • Break down manual measurement silos for improved reporting

Organizing and Preparing your Presentation

Our audience consists of director-level and above digital marketers who are looking for advanced level information and actionable take aways. Please keep that in mind as you develop your presentation.

You’ll have 30 minutes, all in, to give a presentation that makes our attendees better at what they do back at the office. They’re more interested in the “how” than the “why” of your topic. We recommend dividing your presentation time up like this.

3-5 minute intro + set-up
The “what” and “why” of your lesson.

25 minutes of tactical lessons and real-life examples
The “how” of your lesson

If there’s time, feel free to take a couple of questions at the end of your presentation, however the 30 min time limit is strictly enforced. If you do have Q&A, be sure to repeat the question so everyone in the audience can hear it.

Slide Design and AV Notes

When designing your presentation and slide deck please keep these important points in mind:

PowerPoint or PDF format is preferred

16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio

Use a minimum of 24pt font or larger

If you have embedded video or special AV needs, please let us know when you send your final deck, or email Julia Grosman at julia@techmediaco.com Generally we recommend embedding the video file into the presentation.

Check out some of these slide design resources:

Slide design tips from Garr Reynolds
Presentation design and storytelling tips from Nancy Duarte
More tips for designing great slide presentations

Attendee access to your presentation and slide deck

In addition to the live event, your session at the Digital Summit may be available for viewing by TechMedia Company customers for an indefinite period of time, Your slides will be posted on Sildeshare for attendees and customers to see. They are not downloadable. Please contact us with any questions.

Great Presentation Examples

Here are a couple of great examples of sessions as a reference point of what we look for in a compelling, value-rich session:

Send Email They Can’t Ignore: Crafting a Truly Valuable Inbox Experience
Christopher Lester, Emma
How to Get 77% More Traffic from Your Existing Content
Quinn Whissen, Vertical Measures

Marketing Resources

You’ll find additional resources here http://digitalsummitphoenix.com/speaker-resources to help promote your participation in the event!