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Digital Summit Masterclasses

Full-day, interactive small group workshops
July 9, 2020 | 10:00AM – 4:00PM

(Included in Platinum pass; upgrade fee applies to all other pass types)

Digital Summit Masterclasses are the perfect expansion of the core DS conference experience. Each is an interactive, deep-dive taught by the brightest minds in marketing and technology — on the complex topics and strategies that matter most to your company’s bottom line. We schedule these the day before our main Digital Summit event to give you and your colleagues a highly focused learning laboratory, for just $200 (price is included with a Platinum Pass).

We have two amazing courses available for Digital Summit Phoenix:

Growing Up: Build Your Social Media Strategy for the 2020s
Lauren Teague

Lauren Teague, Convince & Convert

At the end of this masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • Audit your current state of social
  • Identify landscape and competitive benchmarks
  • Use content that moves, sings and smiles to capture audience attention
  • Refresh social media reports for your organization
  • Choose KPIs that demonstrate campaign health
  • Understand how paid media augments a healthy organic strategy
  • Develop custom audiences for specific targeting and testing
  • Create a social media playbook for your brand
  • Dial in the best tools and processes for you and your team
Advanced Digital Analytics Strategies and Tactics
Chris Sietsema

Chris Sietsema, Teach to Fish Digital

At the end of this masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • Know how to efficiently evaluate your existing analytics program and diagnose the issues affecting your data accuracy the most.
  • Create a blueprint for activating all the features necessary to produce a representative and rich data set.
  • Deliver data reporting with greater clarity, accountability and vision
  • Automate your report generation process
  • Conduct data mining more efficiently to find exciting correlations, and extract insights from those to “wow” your team.
  • Build, maintain and advocate for an analytics workflow that saves time, improves accuracy and fosters growth for your organization.
The ROI from a DS Masterclass is unbelievable

We’re already pretty excited about the impact that two core days of Digital Summit is going to have on your business and professional toolkit.

But add the Masterclass day? Wowee…you’ll be able to unleash exponentially more potential impact in your marketing campaigns, strategy, and customer relationships.

We are confident the number of tangible, actionable things you’ll take away will more than justify the time and money you spend to join us on Masterclass day.

What’s Included?

For $200 (included with a Platinum Pass), the Masterclass Includes:

6 hours of drill-down, deep-dive content, tips, and insights
Workbooks from both Masterclasses
Exclusive DS Masterclass Certification
Lunch, snacks, coffee, and free WiFi
Still Need Help Convincing The Boss?
How are these Masterclasses different from the rest of the event? How are they different from the AM Workshops?

Hands down, DS Masterclasses go the most in-depth our into topic offerings — ideal for subjects like analytics, content marketing, social media, and CRO that have a lot of complexity and moving pieces to them. Our masterclasses offer a more intimate teacher-student environment to create a highly-specialized learning experience.

The big difference between these and the Day 1 AM Workshops are 1) overall session length, 2) class size, and 3) expanded topic offerings.

Do I need a separate ticket to attend the Masterclasses?

To add the Masterclass day to your Digital Summit ticket, you simply select the Masterclass add-on option at checkout. There’s no separate ticket you need to purchase.

How advanced is the Masterclass content?

DS Masterclass instructors will typically include a little context-setting content in their lessons but, as a whole, our Masterclasses are designed to be more advanced and highly tactical — ideal for seasoned marketing practitioners from most any company size or industry.

Will there be Q&A with the instructor?

Yes! Our instructors love the interaction with you and facilitating that between you and your fellow attendees. They build multiple interactive exercises and Q&A opportunities throughout the day.