Courting your Customers: Building Authentic Engagements Through Content

There are few things that are as powerful as content when it comes to creating connections with customers. But in a world where we are spoiled with many content choices, how can brands stand out today with their content marketing efforts?

It may sound strange – but the key is to court your customers. Date them. Well, not exactly wining and dining them, but building connections through well-paced marketing. And sharing content where you aren’t asking them to marry you on the first date, but building a strong, healthy relationship over time. Brands that do this successfully know that content is the heart and soul of customer experience and use content to strategically mature relationships over time. Brands that don’t run the risk of getting kicked to the curb by another brand who can better court their customers with content.

This session will focus on the keys to developing and delivering content that truly connects with customers and builds relationships that last long after the sale or deal is won.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Include empathy in your marketing efforts
  • Develop messaging that evokes positive, emotional brand associations
  • Use a checklist of proven tips to develop and deliver content that builds relationships with consumers