How to Develop Sales and Marketing Alignment for Long-Term Business Success

Building a solid, long-term foundation for your sales team by giving them adequate Marketing Operations (MOPs) process training is not only something your business will thank you for, but will also help you keep your sanity. The importance of marketers working closely with sales and focusing on alignment will not only ensure SLAs (service-level agreements) are adhered to, but it will also help you correctly showcase Marketing Influence, campaigns, and opportunities.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Build effective alignment between your sales and marketing teams
  • Effortlessly explain MOPs processes to your sales department
  • Effectively communicate the ins and outs of a marketing operations and how it influences revenue
  • Demonstrate why your sales team should care about MQLs

This session is for marketers who want to improve their relationship with sales and ensure there is a thorough understanding of how marketing is there to help sales hit their revenue goals, whilst also show how marketing is influencing that revenue.