Proof that Digital Media Drives In-Store Traffic & Omni-Channel Sales

In order to turn around a business in decline, national Remote-Control Vehicle, Toys & Games franchiser Hobby Town turned to initiate-it to lead their digital transformation. The Goal was clear: use all of their digital media activities to drive traffic to their stores & increase Omni-Channel Sales. Based on insights drawn from this experience you’ll hear how to go from strategy to execution so you can implement similar ideas to get existing customers to buy more, find new customers to drive instore traffic & ultimately improve your business results. Any marketer who wants to increase engagement with existing consumers & drive traffic with new consumers should attend this talk.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Segment your audiences for improved CRM, media & social performance
  • Select the right ways to measure the success of creative assets, media performance & sales
  • Know which tools to use for testing & optimization
  • Ask better questions to drive business results