Pop-Ups Keep Popping, But Is That A Good Thing?

Traditional brands today are realizing that they have to adjust their retail business model to meet the needs of an evolving customer base. Conversely, online brands are finding they need to humanize their brand by creating real-world experiences that reveal more of the brand’s personality. The answer for both is the pop-up store, which in 2019 became the go-to solution for many brands looking to spend less on retail; test new customer experiences; or take the first steps away from traditional flagship stores in favor of something more intimate and targeted.

But launching a successful pop-up store is trickier than some might think. First, while not comparable to the cost of traditional retail spaces, they are not exactly cheap to produce. And given that their success is largely driven by buzz, whatever savings you might see from a smaller retail footprint may be negated by the expense of getting the word out about the store via PR, advertising, social media and marketing expenses.

During this session, Chiara will explore the challenges and opportunities pop-up stores present to both traditional retail brands and online ones looking to enter brick and mortar for the first time, and then share tactics for executing an impactful pop-up experience.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand factors to consider beyond just the cost for space, and an effective marketing plan when holding a pop-up
  • Deliver multi-room brand experiences that are powerful and don’t overwhelm shoppers and leave them confused about the overall intent of the experience
  • Apply top three strategies that traditional retailer and online brands must do when entering the world of pop-ups for the first time